July 6, 2016

Sarah & Sam | Marrakech wedding photographer


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Marrakech is one of the most wonderful places to get married, this was my first time being a Marrakech wedding photographer and I hope not the last. With its intoxicating atmosphere and vibrant lifestyle, city is ideal for the most special occasion of your life. “Jewel of the South” is describe as a place where predictability and in some ways the sense of direction are lost the very minute you arrive. What better way to dive into an amazing adventure than to leave those two behind!

I found the atmosphere, architecture, food and people really amazing, unlike any other place I’ve visited before. As soon as landed I immediately felt the taste for adventure, this exotic destination definitely invokes among everyone, who decides to visit.

Sarah and Sam had previous experience with the vibrant vibe of Marrakech some time ago. They had fallen in love with the exotic city almost immediately and quickly decided that it’s the best place for one of the most important moment in their lives, their wedding, the moment when they start their life together, as a family. And I was lucky that I was a photographer who will capture that moment.
Here we were, few years later, walking on the streets of Marrakech’s Medina. The same streets, where the footsteps of the ancient caravan traders still echo, it’s really easy to understand how Marrakech managed to captivate the imagination.

The couple, their family and friends really enjoyed the amazing wedding celebration, which took place at Jnane Tamsna – one of the most beautiful and truly exotic locations in the city. With the seclusion and beauty of a private villa, as well as the amenities of the finest hotels in all of Morocco, it is the ultimate place to experience the true, vibrant and exotic Moroccan culture.
The celebration was awesome, featuring delicious local meals, entertainment, the true highlight were all local traditions that took place during the wedding. The overall feeling this amazing, exotic adventure left in me is really indescribable in words, so I hope manage translate it, at least a little bit, with my photography.

Marrakech, I will definitely be back…

Nansi 01:07 February 23, 2017 Reply
Awesome work Petar👍
Jason Mark Harris 23:59 November 16, 2016 Reply
Glad it all worked out. Great job. Gutted I could t do it. May get to Morocco one day ;)
Dave 07:29 August 22, 2016 Reply
Brilliant Petar!! Just brilliant!!!
Vanja 16:39 August 4, 2016 Reply
Just amazing! Thank you for being such an inspiration! Vanja
Gabri 15:15 July 15, 2016 Reply
clap clap clap clap!! love this my friend :)
Oscar 09:32 July 14, 2016 Reply
Nice one! I really like the shoots on the street.
Jose San 02:09 July 13, 2016 Reply
This is amazing man!! You´re incredible.
jesus caballero 17:01 July 8, 2016 Reply
what an incredible wedding and story!! amazing!!!! congrats petar!
Stephen 16:53 July 8, 2016 Reply
It's absolutely beautiful !!
Viktor Pravdica 16:07 July 7, 2016 Reply
Real life looks colorless after this! Wow! Predivno Petre :)
Aleks 15:03 July 7, 2016 Reply
Master Pice Maestro!!!
Eric Rene Penoy 14:02 July 7, 2016 Reply
You made my day. Such a shame I could not join you. I would love to have another chance to cover a wedding with you in such a beautiful place like Marrakesh. Maybe next time. Greetings from Scotland my friend
Caroline 12:39 July 7, 2016 Reply
This is gorgeous. I love your technical skills. Your eye. It's a beautiful mess. Keep creating!
Sasa Tomic 11:56 July 7, 2016 Reply
Aaaaaa! Wonderful, wonderful.
Vladimir Mudrovcic 11:06 July 7, 2016 Reply
Wow Pero! Totally nailed it. Again.
Anna 09:50 July 7, 2016 Reply
I love it!! Marrakech looks like one of the most wonderful places indeed!
Natasa 06:38 July 7, 2016 Reply
This is like Alice in wonderland! Great images Petar!
Bec from ASH & STONE 03:12 July 7, 2016 Reply
OMG! This is incredible! Send me to Marrakech...NOW!! What beautiful colors and what a stunning backdrop for an alfresco-style wedding under the stars! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Emma 22:32 July 6, 2016 Reply
Your images evoke the heat, the sounds, the smells. Beyond the visual language. Wonderful. Evocative. Beautiful.
brun isa 21:55 July 6, 2016 Reply