Hend & Ben | Beldi wedding Marrakech

Marrakech groom
Beldi wedding ceremony

Marrakech Dream:  Beldi Country Club Wedding

When Hend and Ben decided it was time to tie the knot, they’d wanted a perfect destination that will live long in their hearts and memories. When you want something like this, a Marrakech destination wedding is not a far-fetched option. And when Marrakech is your destination of choice, no other location can match the uniqueness and ambiance of a perfectly organized Beldi Country Club Wedding.

So I was very proud to photograph this moment of life. Off we went to the beautiful Moroccan countryside. The brilliance of the Marrakech weather, the rich cultural heritage, and the traditional flavor of the land are laid bare and stare you right in the face as you make out your trip to this special country. The raw beauty of Marrakesh as a wedding destination was always a big inspiration for my photography.

The Beldi is just a short drive away from the Medina and no other location promises the same feeling of soaking in the beauty of a traditional and modern mix of Moroccan life. ‘Beldi’ in the traditional language means traditional and everything about the Beldi Country Club hotel screams originality and authenticity. It offered a lot of other attractions that could serve as the perfect backdrop for any wedding. An old greenhouse, greenery, giant cacti, and a masterfully designed Moroccan architecture surrounding make just a perfect backdrop for Hend and Ben’s dream wedding.

Wedding planner: Bruce Russell Wedding venue: Beldi Videographer: Happy Wedding Films

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