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Wedding in Emilia Romagna, Italy | Preview

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Small preview of an amazing wedding in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Cannot wait to share more…

Janja and Luca – thanks so much for having me and for your hospitality, great wine and delicious food.
Being a part of your celebration with your family and closest friends was a great honor for me.

nora - Looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.

Sara - Bella!!! I love the first shot.. and the portraits are so gorgeous.

ger - Wow! Looks great, cannot wait to see more

Annie - Love how you’ve captured such great atmosphere in just these few, simple images :)

Paul Nguyen - Great photos! Great use of tones and colours! Amazing work!

Ivana - Beautiful! I absolutley love your work

Porter Watkins - your work is gorgeous every.single.time petar. so awesome

Blake Burton - wow, the photo of them with the countryside in the background is stunning!

sam hurd - whaaaat. can’t wait for the full set!

Crystal Skrupski - That shot in the field … to die for!! NICE!!

sachin - The colours! Love it PJ!

Lyn Ismael - These are just lovely. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Jayson Merryfield - WOW! So beautiful and serene and evocative of both a place and a pair of beautiful people too. A perfect sample, can’t wait to see the full set!

anna | far from the wedding crowd - Oh gosh, so intimate and atmospheric. Wonderful.

Magi - Beautiful!!! So simple, but divine!
Waiting for more!

M&R wedding in Zagreb

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I wanted to post a small preview of Manuela and Robert wedding that took place last week in Zagreb, so I started to select pictures – first one, then I added the second one, then the third, fourth…and so on…I simply could not stop, wishing to show more of this amazing session…

Robert’s passion is photography while Manuela is a fashion devotee. The session meant a lot to them, especially to Robert as his love for photography is so inspiring…

Pictures were made in green fields of Zagreb county and in the Zagreb Old Town, the place almost forgotten by local as you have to climb hundreds of stairs to visit it, so there were just the three of us and a small group of Japanese tourists, catching sights of the place in search for some unexpected views…. Maybe the loneliness of this hidden part of Zagreb is what I love the most…

It was a great beginning of a new wedding season for me…
2013 – here we come…

Paul Fuller - Honestly that is absolutely epic, the black and white shot in the corn field is incredible!!

Luis Godinez - the 1st frame totally got me. amazing set of images.

benj haisch - these are incredible. seriously.

Erica - So much awesome, I bet you loved that field! I love them all.

Lyn - Love that fourth image from above. Great eye!

David McNeil - These are so cool, and I love the editorial style. I’ve only been to Zagreb once, but these make me want to go again.

Michael Jackson - Wow that’s a cool looking wedding. That light in the opening shots is absolutely glorious!

Stephen K. Shefrin Photography - I love this series. Very creative. excellent work.

Danilo&Sharon - A whole new world..

cristina - Hi,

I just want to tell you how gorgeous your pictures are. I am photographer too and I am starting shooting wedding. I would like to thank you because your style is a source of inspiration.


Tom Ravenshear - beautiful. i wish i could take that light with me… great stuff

Wedding in Mestrovic gallery, Split Croatia

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Wedding of Adriana & Jakov in Split, Croatia…

I deliberately left it to be the last one from 2012, as it perfectly rounds up a great year for me and it represents everything that I adore at weddings; two people who are crazy for each other, just closest friends and family with whom they want to share that love and the perfect scenery…and in this case scenery was created by the greatest Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, since the ceremony took place at “Kastelet” and at Mestrovic gallery…two of my favorite spots for weddings in Split.

After a couple of emails Adriana and me realized that we have studied at the same university, knew the same people and even met each other 10 years ago, so when it comes to this wedding I felt some kind of special responsibility…

Now when I look at these pictures, almost half a year after they were made…I think that three of us did a great job ;)

Porter - seriously, every frame is absolutely stunning. beautiful work

geneoh - really great work, so many beautiful frames!

/mariahedengren - You imagery is beautiful! So much emotion..

Jonathan David - This is gorgeous work! I love each and every frame!

Teresa - My favorite is the one of the bride walking with her dad (the colored image). Nicely done!

Nora - You did an amazing job of capturing this wedding…. and I have to say how much I love the brides dress!!!

Kristie - Woe! Such an amazing venue. Great images!

Dale Lempa - Excellent work; I love the soft, natural texture.

Lena - This is so amazing, the bride looks amazing, i love the dress and they fit so perfectly together… The location is breathtaking, never seen something like this before! Excellent work!

David - Wow. Unreal location, and the photos are brilliant.

Albert Palmer - What a location! Stunning wedding coverage from start to finish.

Paula - Simply Amazing pictures!!! I cant stop looking at your work!

Amanda Lamb - Super fun! Great details. I kinda feel like I was there! So much emotion. Awesome!

Rob Norfolk - Real class in these images – beautiful!

Bart - Really beautiful work Petar.

anna | far from the wedding crowd - Oh how wonderful, your work tells such a beautiful story.