Ashley & Dan, Hvar wedding photography

So, Ashley and Dan first visited Hvar Island about six years ago.

They’d pledged that they’d come back one day and make their wedding ceremony on this beautiful island. And so the day finally, I was honored to be there as their Hvar wedding photographer. And boy, all day was filled with beautiful and romantic moments.

But come to think of it, who wouldn’t fall in love with Hvar, to begin with?

I mean this is one of the most romantic places over the face of the earth. It’s one of the sunniest islands in Croatian and across Europe in general.  There’s a piece of history and astonishing beauty at every turn and more and more couples are coming here to say their vows in the most romantic ways.

Ashley and Dan, two beautiful people came all the way from New York to profess their love in Hvar. I hope I managed to capture all of the beautiful moments during the wedding and reception ceremonies in the magnificent Villa Heraclea.

It was all shades of fun and beauty coming here and seeing these brides revel in the joy of the day. They were surrounded by their closest friends and families and tying the knot right here in the presence of these people did not fall short of beautiful and emotional.

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Island Hvar Wedding

If you’re also planning to have a wedding soon, the town and island Hvar in Croatia is no doubt worthy of your consideration if you want a destination wedding that will be very romantic and memorable. Just like I did for Dan and Ashley, I can be there as well, as your wedding photographer in Hvar to capture every moment on the day.

In Hvar, you have a whole lot of endless choices to choose from. From the Villa Heraclea to the Bonj Les Bains, the Spanish Fortress, Saint Marak Church as a great ceremony venue, and others, you’ve got a lot of beautiful and historic places to exchange your vows.

If you’ll want me as your wedding photographer anytime soon, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can set the ball rolling. Check out below some pictures of the amazing moments we had in the Hvar.

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