April 14, 2016

Sarah & James | Venice wedding


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James is from UK and Sarah is from Australia, so they sought a neutral wedding location to gather their families together from two separate continents for their special day. Venice, Italy, turned out to be the perfect spot to create an authentic setting. The historic backdrop of Venice, is always a great choice for the romantic and elegant wedding but they sought, the perfect juxtaposition between unconventional and fun.

The boatyard definitely was a unique backdrop for a wedding shoot. The Sarah’s simple and elegant choices on everything from her dress and attire to the jewelry made my job easy. S&J enjoyed their special day in one of the most romantic settings on Earth, I was honoured to be able to help them to preserve their memories of this untraditional Venice wedding…

Andy 01:31 February 22, 2017 Reply
Stunning photos!
Rosebeth Akharamen 07:59 August 16, 2016 Reply
I love you, you are now officially one of my favorite wedding photographers
Kate 10:24 May 20, 2016 Reply
Absolutely awesome! :)
Dennis 23:47 April 28, 2016 Reply
I didn't know your work until now. I'm your fan :-) amazing use of light and incredible editing... congrats
Jonas Seaman 20:53 April 19, 2016 Reply
Effing amazing... love those toast shots! Beautiful work.
James Shaw 17:18 April 17, 2016 Reply
Stunning, Absolutely stunning. I've been following your website since you were featured on Shotkit and I think you're the most talented guy on there.
Natasa 08:44 April 15, 2016 Reply
Wonderful,as always!
Joseph Hall 21:48 April 14, 2016 Reply
Petar this is so pretty. Prettiest darkest shoot I've seen!! Maestro
francesca 20:57 April 14, 2016 Reply
Amazing wedding.. beautiful bride and groom. Pictures WOW. Incredible work
Stephen 20:16 April 14, 2016 Reply
Wow this is beautiful, amazing photos as always !
Stephen 20:15 April 14, 2016 Reply
This is beautiful, amazing photos as always !
Jason Mark Harris 19:17 April 14, 2016 Reply
Epic my friend :-)
Steve 19:02 April 14, 2016 Reply
Lovely work Peter!
Voyteck 17:34 April 14, 2016 Reply
absolutely amazing set of photos, love the mood and energy here!