September 17, 2015

Amandine & Oliver | Château de Queille wedding photographer


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Amandine wrote me an email at the end of 2014. saying that she and Oliver plan to get married in a rustic chateau near Carcassonne, with a chapel on a site and a dinner under the fairy lights and a bonfire to keep the wedding simple and with a good atmosphere!!
Sounded good to me…So this is the story that we made together…
Thank you A&O!

Kateryna Lebreton 14:09 March 10, 2016 Reply
Gorgeous ! Colors, composition, everything, love the rustic chapel and how you play with shadows and lights ! thank you for the inspiration
Alejandro 14:57 February 9, 2016 Reply
no te conocia, primer post que abro y wuau brillante , precioso... felicidades compañero
Nina Gades 23:38 January 25, 2016 Reply
Fantastic, i love the light and all the pictures. congratulations!
Malou 18:29 October 15, 2015 Reply
Great pictures of a beautiful wedding! Congrats!
Marina 15:57 September 21, 2015 Reply
Hi Petar ! Your work is magic !! So pure, so real so perfect "clair-obscure" (chiaroscuro or semi-darkness in english ??) is brilliant and so vibrant emotional wahouuu i'm subjugated and i'm pleased to meet you and your amasing work !!! again !!!!
Urška Majer 10:51 September 18, 2015 Reply
This is amazing! :)
Vanja Lisac 08:47 September 18, 2015 Reply
jana skrgulja 07:40 September 18, 2015 Reply
This made me cry ... Pure art ... Pure love ... Perfect
Gerry 06:55 September 18, 2015 Reply
Oh no!
Nicholas Purcell Studio 00:21 September 18, 2015 Reply
Agh! Wish I could have made this wedding with you Petar! So lovely.
Roland Faistenberger 20:50 September 17, 2015 Reply
wow, very beautiful — i love the atmosphere!
Jasmina 20:28 September 17, 2015 Reply
This is something......vauuuuuuu!!
Stella 20:15 September 17, 2015 Reply
absolutely beautiful imagery
daniloandsharon 20:02 September 17, 2015 Reply
Absolutely stunning work, such an inspiration... This is one of your finest, for sure!
Louie 20:01 September 17, 2015 Reply
stunning friend
Marko 19:19 September 17, 2015 Reply
i live it bro, amazing as always!
EricRene 19:07 September 17, 2015 Reply
Brillant, superb, love the light, love the frames. JUST Awesome
Juan Tellez 18:20 September 17, 2015 Reply
Bellas imágenes , soy un admirador de su arte felicitaciones
Jean-Laurent Gaudy 17:54 September 17, 2015 Reply
Gorgeous my friend!