November 17, 2016

Chateau de Lartigolle Wedding | Jen & Chris


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I had pleasure to be invited by Chris and Jen to be their wedding photographer in Chateau de Lartigolle,Pessan France.
The marvellous Chateau de Lartigolle is a traditional French country house, hidden in the quiet department of Gers and offering the unique experience of everything France is known for – food, wine and natural beauty.
I was quite excited to capture the amazing and unique atmosphere that surrounded us. Everything looked and felt magical, from the moment the bride’s grandfather prepared his heart-warming speech to the culmination when J&C declared their internal love to all their guests at the midst of the beautiful French countryside.
The wedding ceremony took place in the front of the castle, where all guests were surrounded by the amazing beauty of nature. Once Chris and Jen exchanged their vows, it was time to celebrate with best food and wine that this region can offer, bathed in sunshine!
It was truly an awesome wedding at one of the most romantic locations I’ve visited so far. Thank you, Chris and Jen for allowing me to be your photographer for the most special moment in your lives! It truly was an amazing experience.

Thomas Steibl 22:20 May 19, 2017 Reply
So good my friend! This is pure storytelling at it's best.
Jacek Kawecki - Fotografia 13:11 March 30, 2017 Reply
Just wow, great photographs!
Martin Dabek 14:14 March 21, 2017 Reply
Love the evening portraits.What a stunning light!
reportaż ślubny warszawa 15:53 February 28, 2017 Reply
Absolutely beautiful work ;-).
Fotograf Nowy Sącz 22:05 February 14, 2017 Reply
This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen
marusa 09:41 January 6, 2017 Reply
Petar, amazing pictures. Do you also do single portraits? Love how you're playing with the light and I have to admit that there is not a lot of people who can take such photos. Great!
Kate 09:49 January 2, 2017 Reply
The Play of light and darkness.... I just checked out some of the photographs, the photographs blow me away!
reportaż ślubny warszawa 09:53 December 26, 2016 Reply
Amazing story ;-)
Matija Kljunak 16:39 December 8, 2016 Reply
Wow, your ability to find and use beautiful light never ceases to amaze me! The atmosphere in the shots can be "cut with a knife" :)
Lionel Moogin 10:24 December 1, 2016 Reply
I'm totally in awe of your work, Petar! Great narrative skills, beautiful warm colours... I could go on!!
Nansi 10:43 November 30, 2016 Reply
I LOVE your work Petar!
Matt 09:34 November 22, 2016 Reply
Excellent work! The lightings, colours, the imagery and the amazing creative work.
Marko 00:26 November 19, 2016 Reply
Being there must have felt the same as going through what you narrated in those frames. {insert compliment here}
Rafał Bojar 12:53 November 18, 2016 Reply
Carlos Garcia Fotografos 10:19 November 18, 2016 Reply
A wonderful reportage and precious story¡¡¡
Jere Satamo 04:27 November 18, 2016 Reply
Stunning set dude! There was many photos like separate painting, piece of great art! Eeexcellent!
Bojan 18:38 November 17, 2016 Reply
Jasno prepoznatljiv stil kadriranja - kompozicije - u prostranstvu slicnih fotografa - svaka cast!
Sasa 17:22 November 17, 2016 Reply
Predobro Pero!
Simon Avbar 12:58 November 17, 2016 Reply
Amazing! Chapeau!
Stephen 12:23 November 17, 2016 Reply
Beautiful !
Lee Garland 11:47 November 17, 2016 Reply
Oh my. This is beuuutiful.
Alper Tunc 11:23 November 17, 2016 Reply
beautiful as always! great job, Petar! :)
Saša 11:21 November 17, 2016 Reply
Savršeno. TOP! :)
THIERRY JOUBERT 10:59 November 17, 2016 Reply
Voyteck 10:58 November 17, 2016 Reply
great work buddy, love the way how you work with light
Eric Rene Penoy 10:58 November 17, 2016 Reply
Amazing as always.
Tom Robak 10:50 November 17, 2016 Reply
Petar, this is stunning. Amazing reportage. I love your work mate, inspiring!