October 5, 2014

Sharon & Danilo | Belgrade wedding photographer


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It’s always a special honor when fellow photographers call you to shoot their wedding, but at same time it is special kind of responsibility…Danilo & Sharon are my friends and very talented wedding photographers from Belgrade, Serbia (you can check their work here). We spent two great days together. Thanks D&S!

JL 15:19 January 19, 2015 Reply
Stunning mate!
Rivka 11:06 November 15, 2014 Reply
Ovo su bukvalno najlepse slike koje sam videla u zivotu :O
Rob 22:35 October 21, 2014 Reply
Love it! Totally compelling
Ivana 17:42 October 11, 2014 Reply
Love them and love your work! Uživala.
nirav 19:31 October 9, 2014 Reply
This is so well done man. Beauty.
Spencer Lun 11:51 October 9, 2014 Reply
Very cool. Nice work!
Tomaž 18:59 October 6, 2014 Reply
Beautiful work, Petar!
Simon 16:38 October 6, 2014 Reply
That's just how it's meant to be!
Cristian Rojas 15:55 October 6, 2014 Reply
What a REALLY BIG responsibility to shot photographers, you've done the work by an incredibly good way, I really loved the story and the images as well, what you did in postproduction is incredible. Loved this work. Thanks for sharing.
ErroneousFatality 11:52 October 6, 2014 Reply
Your art is stunning. It's magic for the eyes.
Dado Calabresi 11:52 October 6, 2014 Reply
Awesome!!! I Loved!
Pretty Days 11:22 October 6, 2014 Reply
.....So Sensual.... You Rock my friend, Epic, Love it Petar
Cinzia 07:42 October 6, 2014 Reply
OMG! love everything!
Dragan 07:41 October 6, 2014 Reply
This business deserves you!! Stunning love story,..
ryan 06:44 October 6, 2014 Reply
DuuuuuUUUUUde! rad. what else can i say. Inspiring stuff. Thank you for motivating me to be better.
Laura Babb 23:46 October 5, 2014 Reply
Absolutely awesome work.
Yeray Cruz 23:39 October 5, 2014 Reply
Awesome!!! Great!!!
Dragana 22:56 October 5, 2014 Reply
Prelepe fotke i potpuno oznacavaju njih dvoje i njihovu posebnu veliku ljubav! Oni su fotografisali moje vencanje:). Pozdrav! www.mydresshascharacter.blogspot.com
Shelley 22:49 October 5, 2014 Reply
gerry 22:11 October 5, 2014 Reply
Damn. Good.